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Maybe these days with just about every dream car you can think of available as an RTR or kit from some manufacturer or other, is it time we revived the Thingie?

I know they almost tore the hobby apart back in the old days, but I must admit to a high degree of admiration for those imaginative souls who designed wholly orginal shapes for slot cars. What would be the perfect shape for a slot car these days, if all prototypical accuracy was ignored?
Lets carve some wild cars, suck some zombies in those home-made vac-formers, get the creative juices flowing into some wild shapes and bizarre colour schemes!

Back then, I seem to remember some pretty serious real car designers threw up some shapes for commercial track slot-racers. Why not try it again now, when the hobby seems to have hit new heights? Or are we just scared of a new schism?

By the way, this is actually just a very thinly disguised ploy to get some more vintage slot car pics posted. Where are those great West Coast Thingies of yore?
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I'm right with you, Edo. I personally think those Shinoda-type thingies were a kind of high point of imagination and creativity in the hobby. That twin-motored Flat Iron car on Scratchbuilt is wonderful. Some of the paint jobs should rank as folk art of the highest calibre!
But I guess I was reflecting as to whether any of the current manufacturers would have the sphericals to produce a completely original model, as the Cuc was, and the awful old Scaletti Scaley cars (wash my mouth out pah! pah! pah!) to a lesser extent. I wasn't necessarily concerned with 1/24 cars- but it does raise the point as to what the 1/32 equivalent of a current wing car would be.
And if not, what a fun thing it might be to scratchbuild a few completely off-the-wall designs. Take a break from rivet-counting for a bit.
My fantasy car would be a sort of hybrid between an All States Special Indy car and a ca. 1970 Can-Am wedge, with some pinstripe and candy coloured metalflake paint job. Know where I'm coming from? Can you guess my age?
I hoped someone maybe had already....
Thanks for the lovely photos, fellas!
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I love that Cuc, Larry!

And Edo- I agree absolutely. But in fact I am 18 years old, but blessed with an unusually long memory.
Well Mrs Howmet says I have the body of an 18 year old.
Perhaps that's why it's beginning to smell funny.
I'll just have to move it somewhere the cops won't find it.

Yar boo, Alfetta. We're gonna build us some wild sleds. Just for fun.
Love that orange tyre/pink metalflake body colour combo! Tasteful!
Yeah- couldn't you bring 'em to Twickenham instead?

Do I detect another kind of proxy event........?
The Thingie Proxy you mean, Mac?
I ought to clear one thingie up striaght away- are we talking 1/32 or 1/24?
I like the idea of scratchbuilding something wild, and 1/32 is my usual base of operations these days.
Maybe there should be several classes;
1/24 vintage RTRs/modifieds- Mantas, Cucs, etc
1/24 homebuilds
1/32 homebuilds

Let your imagination rip!
I agree with you about R/C pulling the carpet from underneath us poor slotters. When regular Tottenham/Nordic etc racers started getting into it, the investment in equipment needed was HUGE! Then 'Model Cars' went into R/C articles big time, and I lost the plot personally. It's probably true though that the big raceways were starting to decline anyway.

But the more variety there is in this hobby the better. As long as each runs in its own class, I think a bit of imaginative modelling would be fun.
Your point is well taken, Mac.
But there seems to be an even wider diversity of stuff available as RTRs these days. When you think of all the club classes that might be needed to cover Rally cars, LM cars, FI, Vintage, Classic, plus scratchbuilts of all descriptions and all periods- including your wonderful 50s GP cars, bless you- the mind boggles.
I'm only after a bit more fun and stimulation. Designing a car from the ground up, rather than relying on researching a particular protoype just tickles my fancy. One day one of my phone pad doodles might just make it into three dimensions.
Oooo ooo ooo- I got Luuuuurve in my tummy!

I just gotta build something crazy like that. Where can you get a can of candy-apple purple these days?

Thanks Edo. Feel proud.
Even I know where the line must be drawn, Phil- that thing looks like the funeral shroud of something that's been boiled alive.
It's not often I get a straight answer to one of my dumb sarcastic questions!

Thanks Phil.
Looks fab, Larry.
I've often seen references to ToyTech, but never knew who what or where they were. Any more info for us Brits?
Do they have a commercially available range of products?
Pulling out your thingie just once can often be a case of once too many. Ask Jim Morrison. Well, you can't- he's dead. But I think you know where I'm going on this one.
Actually I'm supposed to be working right now, Edo.
I shall be busily filing away at my thingie tonight, after the children are safely tucked up in bed.
Who knows what shape it will be in by the morning, Grah?
And I have just the motor for it....

The Howmet family one has been known, ever since a slip of the tongue by our youngest, as a jelly shaped rabbit mould.
So ifyou see any jelly shaped rabbits in the fields round your way, you'll know where they came from.
...and I think that's 'Jello' for our US cousins.
Thanks Larry- I've added that to my favourites for future reading!
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