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Maybe these days with just about every dream car you can think of available as an RTR or kit from some manufacturer or other, is it time we revived the Thingie?

I know they almost tore the hobby apart back in the old days, but I must admit to a high degree of admiration for those imaginative souls who designed wholly orginal shapes for slot cars. What would be the perfect shape for a slot car these days, if all prototypical accuracy was ignored?
Lets carve some wild cars, suck some zombies in those home-made vac-formers, get the creative juices flowing into some wild shapes and bizarre colour schemes!

Back then, I seem to remember some pretty serious real car designers threw up some shapes for commercial track slot-racers. Why not try it again now, when the hobby seems to have hit new heights? Or are we just scared of a new schism?

By the way, this is actually just a very thinly disguised ploy to get some more vintage slot car pics posted. Where are those great West Coast Thingies of yore?
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How about some super mod thingies!

Seeing some of those thingies made me dig in some old photos. Found these two mods, I made up about 10 years ago.

Just for Fun and doing some body updates with more modern aero devices such as wings etc. They still run good and are in my friend Steve's collection for contrast to the originals he has, in his collection.

The first is my version of a the Super Mod Cuc by Cox.

The second is my version of the Super Mod Asp by Classic.

The flares on the tough Cuc body were done if I remember right with the old heated metal shape. This time it was a 1/1/8 inch diameter piece of steel tubing with a wooden dowel stuck in one end for a handle.

Then the bodys wheel wells underneath were coated with Vasoline to prevent sticking and I just kept heating the tube with a propane torch a little at a time till it started to reshape the stock wheel wells.

The rest of the wings and stuff were made of sheet styrene stuck in slots cut in the body and epoxied in place on the inside. The body is the stock Cuc color of course.
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Not quite a full fledged thingy but Prof Fate has labled it as a travesty of the Cobra name. I figured it might qualify, till I dig up a couple of real ones here I did.

It's a Monogram/Revell Cobra in 1/32nd scale, widened out .375 of an inch to 2.5 inches wide and has a front engine scratch brass chassis. It claims to have Chevrolet power. With a large wide rear wing and a front spoiler. This one runs like a scared ape being chased by the Devil.

The body is held on with the side pipes of brass tube soldered to a U shaped .030 double pin tube mount. Which slides into chassis pin tube mounts. It also uses Fly Ferrari 512 classic wheels cut down as inserts in much wider silicone coated sponge tires on aluminium wheels.

Cobrazila next to a stock Cobra body.

I know, it's just pure heresy! but ain't it fun??
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Not a real old Thingie !!!

But a thingie no less. Steve Foster of ToyTech designed this body and I made the mold for it about 12 years ago. The mold got damaged and I have been repairing it a bit. It is called the ToyTech Intruder. Here is one I just pulled off the mold and did a quick paint job on it. The interior is a vac Nascar one cut down quite a bit.

It was designed to fit the Parma Flexi I narrow pan formula chassis. Though mine, used here, is a Yeti brass/wire formula chassis with an old Cheetah for power. It supposedly has a Porsche twin turbo 6 cylinder for power.

Runs along very decently and gets lots of questions as to what heck is that thing? ?
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Howmet ToyTech does have a web site. I have over the last 14 years made quite a few 1/24th scale vac molds for My friend Steve Foster who owns Toytech Racing. We made mostly bodies to fit the current Flexi chassis prevalent at the time. So they are not really true scale when you have to adjust to fit. But that was where our market was, so you make to fit. It was fun at the time and I learned a lot about making molds. I have branched out a bit and make some 1/32nd scale bodies now under the Slot Devl label, short for slot car development. I am retired and tired all over again many times. But I do it for a hobby and mostly for me and some friends.

ToyTech's website is here ToyTech racing bodies

QUOTE (howmet tx @ 23 Nov 2004, 08:56)Looks fab, Larry.
I've often seen references to ToyTech, but never knew who what or where they were. Any more info for us Brits?
Do they have a commercially available range of products?
Hey Deuce here is one of the Shinodos released by Electric Dreams a couple weeks ago.

They should still be available but they did sell out all the first pulls of them. But more will be coming I am told. Check them out on the DOK's Slot Blog site.

Here is my first attempt at one.
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