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Maybe these days with just about every dream car you can think of available as an RTR or kit from some manufacturer or other, is it time we revived the Thingie?

I know they almost tore the hobby apart back in the old days, but I must admit to a high degree of admiration for those imaginative souls who designed wholly orginal shapes for slot cars. What would be the perfect shape for a slot car these days, if all prototypical accuracy was ignored?
Lets carve some wild cars, suck some zombies in those home-made vac-formers, get the creative juices flowing into some wild shapes and bizarre colour schemes!

Back then, I seem to remember some pretty serious real car designers threw up some shapes for commercial track slot-racers. Why not try it again now, when the hobby seems to have hit new heights? Or are we just scared of a new schism?

By the way, this is actually just a very thinly disguised ploy to get some more vintage slot car pics posted. Where are those great West Coast Thingies of yore?
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For those who did not see them on the "what do you collect" thread here are a few:

BZ Banshee

Classic Asp competition:

Classic Stinger:

Classic Viper:

And here chopped up Cucarachas the way we were racing them in 67 in Italy and in south Switzerland.

The Marauder is coming as soon as I have silicone tires for it as I race my Thingies on my Carrera track
(BTW Thanks to my slot history consultants dgersh and Doktor P)
(If anybody would like to see what chassis they have underneath just let me know and I will show pics)
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Yes! Go ahead! Let's blame Thingies for the crash of 29 too.

In the mean time you got me started and here is a few more;

Testor Marauder (chassis being put togheter):

Classic Asp green:

COX Cucaracha before race preparation (see above for the swiss-italian race version):

While some of you guys may salivate for the latest Skoda's perfect slot model release I keep appreciating a time when a chassis was made of aluminium or brass or steel and not cheap plastic, where there were all different design being tried instead of just a nice proper scale outer shell and mediocrity underneath it. Where there was fantasy and creativity being unleashed and not just mere perfect copying of what's available on the car market .
And while some people are getting enthousiastic about the release of another rice burner painted with racing colors I'm having fun reading vintage magazines, questioning very old slot experts and historians on a few forums, looking for the right parts, restoring, cleaning and finally racing my Thingies (which actually have quite serious electrical motors and not toothbrush's

Best regards
Edo (Thingie lover)
BTW I play with contemporary plastic beautiful toys like everybody else to my full satisfaction and no I do not consider wing cars attractive . It's just that I prefer to lissen to a closing of a Bentley's door than a Fabia's . If you see what I mean...
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Hi Howmet
I have the impression that this thread is populated only by very old sad and bitter people like me (i am 53), dgersh (pretty old), a certain doctor who shall remain nameless (he was born during the war of 1914-18) and you, howmet, who musst be well middle aged if not more (no offense meant).
It would be nice if a good creative modeler would put togheter a series of, let's say, 3 special 1/32 Thingies with a carbon fiber chassis, titanium wheels and axles (in an edition of 10 cars perhaps?).
Maybe the youngest generation (13 to 16 years) accustomed to admiring Tooners ( and that awful movie "Fast and Furious", phhleeease!!!) would come to their senses and begin to see the light after seeing what a good craftman, actually an artist, could do with his fantasy.

In the mean time let me show some more pics of incredible fantasy cars dgersh has sent to delight us:
Shinoda body 1:

Shinoda body 2:

Cucaracha inspired italian Thingie which actually caused the slot car crash of 69:

And the incredible Swedish flat iron Thingie

So scrachtbuilders and modelers let's get on with those new Thingies we dare you (howmet and I)

Best regards

(Hopefully Swissracer will let Mini Swiss see this pics: after Mini did that beautiful black and gold Carrera Panoz special rendition I think there is hope in the yougest)
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Larry LS
those pics are exactly what I was going to ask you to show. I remember them from OWH a while ago. Fantastic!!!
Now if you would just think about that Special Edition 1/32 new Thingie? Any ideas you could post here? Maybe we get this thread going ad infinitum and have other great modelers and scrachtbuilders inspired. Graham, Mr Sheldon, anybody out there? You know who you are (but I don't remember all the names, it's bad to be very old, you know?!)

Howmet are you really 18 years old ? So there is hope!!!
And thanks a million for bringing this thread to life and perhaps getting people interested in proposing new homebuild Thingies.
Best regards
Hi Mr.philsmith
great wooden cars!!! Is it possible to see them underneath (chassis and motor)?
BTW Great Banshee your bringing to the vintage race in Torino. I might bring this Classic Gamma Ray I just received today:

McLaren was it you who was working on a carbon fiber chassis? If yes could that be the beginning of a new crop of Thingies coming out of SlotForum's most creative modelers and scratchbuilders?
(that would beat the new Subayota release in excitement !!!)

Alfetta what about showing your "been there done that found it uninteresting" Thingies?
We are trying to keep this thread going for very long

Best regards
PS I wonder what are dgersh and the Dok bringing to the vintage race?
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McLaren have you done a carbon fiber chassis? Do you have a pic of it?
Best regards
Hi Graham
the passion is huge, the time is none as on December the 6th I will go into the editing room for 10 weeks to finally complete my movie project. And then more post production until March.
But it would be great if we aim for a Thingie race in Egg by mid March provided that Swissracer,Joerg and Thomas would be interested, which I sort of doubt since none of them has chipped in into this thread.
About a Thingie proxy race: the only one I can organize is the one where you all send your special Thingie to me and I will race them on my track by myself

My very best to you
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OK let's shoot for April with howmet's classes great suggestion.
I will contact the Swiss guys to see what they think about organizing it in Egg.
If for whatever reason they will not be interested perhaps it could be done in England around were you live (South?). It would be great also to meet the guys that came to Egg last September
(or mabe not they're too fast

I would come for an all classes Thingies race!
It could be a first in England .
I bet dgersh and perhaps the evil Dok would come!
My best
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"I'm only after a bit more fun and stimulation. Designing a car from the ground up, rather than relying on researching a particular protoype just tickles my fancy."
I think this is the right attitude about new Thingies. I certainly do not advocate to go "metal" with far out motors and all.

Right now I am waiting for that single slot car that was responsible for cutting the slot car world in 2: metal and plastic. It's coming by train, with heavy escort, from Bologna where my wife has picked it up today.
Will pubblish pics tomorrow but Nuro be ready to close this thread down quickly before the great divide repeats itself

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Thanks Swissracer!
But I am just an old newbie and I never organized such an event.
Let me think about that and if I will have the time.
Guys, is there a real interest in a Thingie all classes (à la howmet tx) race?
I mean really, considering the trip to deep Switzerland, the cars prep. and all that?
Thanks a million Alan (BEEJAY7)!!!
Actually that site has wonderful pics of cars of every sort. Just press the back button on the bottom and a whole world of magnificient slot models opens up.

And now stay tuned for the pics of the scandalous italian Thingie coming this late afternoon.
Hi Larry
Thingie or not it' a great mod!
"...till I dig up a couple of real ones here I did"
Please keep them coming!
Well there it is! Hide the kids! Close your eyes!

It'a 1968 Mini Can Am "telaio (chassis) Pizzi" Italian Champion 1969.
It was produced in Milan to give the Cox Cucaracha (at the time the most competitive racing car in Italy and in the Italian part of Switzerland) a hard time. This model had already a 16D motor who took over the 26D mania we all had in the Cox Cuc. It was faster and more reliable.
When this car came out I was not into slot anymore and I consider this car the last of the Thingies before mayhem happened.
This is it, no more Thingies from me, you can open your eyes now!
Let's all go back to play with Subayotas

PS No more until I get a Classic Serpent that is!
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Thanks guys!
Howmet I knew I could count on you

Beppe c'mon your adding gasoline on the fire

The 16D inside the car almost melted my electronic controller (it sucks 4 Amps) after just a few meters with the sponge tires (still fresh) sliding all over. Unmanageable for the moment! (I need a good silicone tire reshodding job by the evil good Dok and to use a vintage Cox controller)
Was this the chassis you are talking about:

That is a 1967 Mini A by Mini Dream Car the same company as the Mini Can Am above.

We dont have to abandon anything (imagine abandoning, just as an example, wonderful models? Not me!).
It's just great to have a choice.
Could you expand on this concept "fantasy liveries yes, fantasy cars definitely no", please?
(I do not quite grasp the difference).

those wheels are apparently original. I will ask the guy to confirm again. He's from Bologna and races "metal" (you know those ugly super fast car we would not touch with a 10 foot pole

(I would be very curious to see that "large amount of other stuff" you got from him!)
Best regards to you all
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Alfetta, you don't like Thingies but you keep looking eh?!
In fact I was thinking about looking into my wife's beauty case for a nail polish color to retouch the Gamma Ray but Mr.P told me it contains acetone and it might melt the body.

I have not met the guy personally but here is his site
I do not really know where he races "metal" but I will ask.
I have seen other Mini Dream Cars pics and they have the same kind of wheels. It's not a "fake" insert but the real shape the way the hub is cut inside.
Best regards
Al I can assure you that Leonida is a male name (as the name Andrea in Italy is also).
BTW leomonti is a very nice person to deal with.
Best regards
Hi John
you have to play around with the menus a little bit until they catch. I am having the same problem but after a couple of seconds it works. Maybe because we're on Mac?

Hi Alfetta, I am just joking a little bit with you. No hangs up here too!

Best regards
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Larry, wonderful creative touch as usual!
Wish you would pull out more pics of your creations more often (and not only Thingies)!
Best regards
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