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Maybe these days with just about every dream car you can think of available as an RTR or kit from some manufacturer or other, is it time we revived the Thingie?

I know they almost tore the hobby apart back in the old days, but I must admit to a high degree of admiration for those imaginative souls who designed wholly orginal shapes for slot cars. What would be the perfect shape for a slot car these days, if all prototypical accuracy was ignored?
Lets carve some wild cars, suck some zombies in those home-made vac-formers, get the creative juices flowing into some wild shapes and bizarre colour schemes!

Back then, I seem to remember some pretty serious real car designers threw up some shapes for commercial track slot-racers. Why not try it again now, when the hobby seems to have hit new heights? Or are we just scared of a new schism?

By the way, this is actually just a very thinly disguised ploy to get some more vintage slot car pics posted. Where are those great West Coast Thingies of yore?
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maybe Edo would like to orginise an event if he has time as it seems a particular passion .Iwould be happy to build something to race . and its a good excuse to replan my swiss trip
Hi Graham
the passion is huge, the time is none as on December the 6th I will go into the editing room for 10 weeks to finally complete my movie project. And then more post production until March.
But it would be great if we aim for a Thingie race in Egg by mid March provided that Swissracer,Joerg and Thomas would be interested, which I sort of doubt since none of them has chipped in into this thread.
About a Thingie proxy race: the only one I can organize is the one where you all send your special Thingie to me and I will race them on my track by myself

My very best to you
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April would be better for me as Ill be into my next yrs hols by then but I'll go with the flow whatever everyone else wants
I ought to clear one thingie up striaght away- are we talking 1/32 or 1/24?
I like the idea of scratchbuilding something wild, and 1/32 is my usual base of operations these days.
Maybe there should be several classes;
1/24 vintage RTRs/modifieds- Mantas, Cucs, etc
1/24 homebuilds
1/32 homebuilds

Let your imagination rip!
OK let's shoot for April with howmet's classes great suggestion.
I will contact the Swiss guys to see what they think about organizing it in Egg.
If for whatever reason they will not be interested perhaps it could be done in England around were you live (South?). It would be great also to meet the guys that came to Egg last September
(or mabe not they're too fast

I would come for an all classes Thingies race!
It could be a first in England .
I bet dgersh and perhaps the evil Dok would come!
My best
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What an interesting thread! How I used to love reading to pro/anti thingie letters to the UK model car magazines of the late 60's. Thingie's to some degree may have turned some people away from the club racing side of the hobby but not enough to bring down what was a very profitable industry on both sides of the Atlantic.

No the enemy and the main reason for the decline of the slotcar track/club/shop back then was, Radio Control racing!

I agree with you about R/C pulling the carpet from underneath us poor slotters. When regular Tottenham/Nordic etc racers started getting into it, the investment in equipment needed was HUGE! Then 'Model Cars' went into R/C articles big time, and I lost the plot personally. It's probably true though that the big raceways were starting to decline anyway.

But the more variety there is in this hobby the better. As long as each runs in its own class, I think a bit of imaginative modelling would be fun.
I think the vast majority of us dabbled with RC back then at one stage or another I bought a mardave lola kit and struggled to get the thing to run sure it was impresive all the noise and nitro fumes but it soon gave way to full size stuff which depleted my bank account even further .I never accually gave up on the slots though
i get a little uneasy when the thingy thing comes up for debate. there was many changes taking place in the late 60,s that helped to sink the slot world, R/c as stated, electronic games, a new array of pastimes all out of the box ready to go, befor this expantion, most hobbies relyed on the participant making most of the componants of his/her hobby, cars railways, aircraft and such, this was possibly a left over from more austere times. at this point in time the slot world went through a critical phase, speed and performance for some people became the be all and end all, and split the hobby into two camps, scale/performance. the disenchanted people moved to the new hobbies, scale / performanse retreated to there own worlds and the hobby suffered. we now see the echo,s of this bsl, bsrca, scale , rtr. within the last few years the hobby seems to be gaining in strength again. what makes me uneasy, these things have been forgotten or disregarded, most clubs have 10 or 12 members, if 2or 3 start making thingies, at first it seems harmless fun , then a class is set up for these things, then a night just to run them, the club divides , some members move on, a large club can take a few losses but the smaller one,s will go under, dont dismiss as alarmist it happens beleave me.make the choice, bsrca or rtr please dont try to run both mac p
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Your point is well taken, Mac.
But there seems to be an even wider diversity of stuff available as RTRs these days. When you think of all the club classes that might be needed to cover Rally cars, LM cars, FI, Vintage, Classic, plus scratchbuilts of all descriptions and all periods- including your wonderful 50s GP cars, bless you- the mind boggles.
I'm only after a bit more fun and stimulation. Designing a car from the ground up, rather than relying on researching a particular protoype just tickles my fancy. One day one of my phone pad doodles might just make it into three dimensions.
QUOTE (mac p @ 11 Nov 2004, 12:09)most hobbies relyed on the participant making most of the componants of his/her hobby, cars railways, aircraft and such, this was possibly a left over from more austere times.

Good point about the 'austere times' Mac, one common theme that seems to run through most recollections of 50s/60s slotting in the UK is the lack of funds to buy stuff and the scavenged origin of much of the stuff - metal 'borrowed' from workplace, bombsight motors etc. My current scratch build is approached from a 'want to give it a try' attitude rather than a 'can't afford an RTR'

QUOTE (mac p @ 11 Nov 2004, 12:09).make the choice, bsrca or rtr please dont try to run both mac p

Don't agree with you here Mac TBH. Firstly this thingies discussion above is about thingies as in late 1960's futurism rather than BPA BMW Eurosports. Secondly like many people I have a fairly catholic taste across the whole of the slot spectrum, from el cheapo 1:43 cars to BSCRA, stopping at Scalex and TSRF on the way so am basically prepared to race anything with at least two wheels at the back and a guide. Also running both BSCRA and Scalex doesn't seem to do the North London club any harm.

If I didn't know you better Mac I'd suspect what you were really saying is 'don't run BSCRA!'

See you friday mate

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no coop im not saying dont run bsrca, what i am saying is dont run both, clubs, small one,s, will suffer, i dont want the hobby to go down that road again, some people have the knowledge and money to run these cars, most people dont,you make your own choice, for a small club to go down this path is courting desaster, thats my point mac p
"I'm only after a bit more fun and stimulation. Designing a car from the ground up, rather than relying on researching a particular protoype just tickles my fancy."
I think this is the right attitude about new Thingies. I certainly do not advocate to go "metal" with far out motors and all.

Right now I am waiting for that single slot car that was responsible for cutting the slot car world in 2: metal and plastic. It's coming by train, with heavy escort, from Bologna where my wife has picked it up today.
Will pubblish pics tomorrow but Nuro be ready to close this thread down quickly before the great divide repeats itself

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The only reason none of us Egg guys have replied is time pressure I reckon, joergs is busy, thomas is spending more time in the UK recently and I am just busy doing whatever takes up my time in the day at the moment, trying to sell a house in the UK and buy one here for one.

I can't say I have ever considered playing with things in public but a few of those pictured above do have a certain charm!

As for hosting an Event well thats a given, anytime you want. Edo how about you organise the races and classes and we wil do the rest given enough details.

The only problem is that it should be at the end of March or maybe the end of April, there is a good chance we have to change buildings (complicated) or at least into the front half of the existing building and our lease runs out in April!

I will keep you informed but we are not closing so something will be possible, maybe even the New Swiss Race Bahn...
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Thanks Swissracer!
But I am just an old newbie and I never organized such an event.
Let me think about that and if I will have the time.
Guys, is there a real interest in a Thingie all classes (à la howmet tx) race?
I mean really, considering the trip to deep Switzerland, the cars prep. and all that?
Here's a webpsite that all you "Thingie" people might be interested in :-

Ugggggggh !

Although technically interesting, I'm afraid I have to say I don't like them.


Thanks a million Alan (BEEJAY7)!!!
Actually that site has wonderful pics of cars of every sort. Just press the back button on the bottom and a whole world of magnificient slot models opens up.

And now stay tuned for the pics of the scandalous italian Thingie coming this late afternoon.
Not quite a full fledged thingy but Prof Fate has labled it as a travesty of the Cobra name. I figured it might qualify, till I dig up a couple of real ones here I did.

It's a Monogram/Revell Cobra in 1/32nd scale, widened out .375 of an inch to 2.5 inches wide and has a front engine scratch brass chassis. It claims to have Chevrolet power. With a large wide rear wing and a front spoiler. This one runs like a scared ape being chased by the Devil.

The body is held on with the side pipes of brass tube soldered to a U shaped .030 double pin tube mount. Which slides into chassis pin tube mounts. It also uses Fly Ferrari 512 classic wheels cut down as inserts in much wider silicone coated sponge tires on aluminium wheels.

Cobrazila next to a stock Cobra body.

I know, it's just pure heresy! but ain't it fun??
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Call me gullible - no wait, the kids told me they took that word out of the dictionary, but that looks believably like a model of a real car.

Great looking ummm... thingie Larry
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Hi Larry
Thingie or not it' a great mod!
"...till I dig up a couple of real ones here I did"
Please keep them coming!
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