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Third NNRC Special night

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September 29th is scheduled to be the third NNRC Special night.

The second Special night seemed to be well received by those who attended, so my proposal would be to run to the same format, but with the Goodwood Revival having just passed, have it for cars that have raced at Goodwood. Or possibly just for GT40s perhaps.

Any other suggestions from members welcomed, but we had better get something sorted out as it is now only two weeks away!
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Big thanks to Peter for volunteering to supply three of his own NSR Ford GTs to run as lane cars for our Goodwood themed Special Night. It made for some good racing battles.

With only enough competitors for three teams of two, it was decided to run two lots of three 18 minute stints on blue, green and red lanes.

The teams were selected by pairing the highest placed person in our club championship with the lowest and the second highest with the second lowest and so on.

Peter and Sandy (P/S)
Keith and Wes (K/W)
Will and Reuben (W/R)

Blue seemed to be the best lane to start with, and Peter scored the fastest lap of the first session with a 10.18. It ended with Keith/Wes on 99.6 laps, Peter/Sandy just 0.2 laps behind and Will/Reuben almost exactly three laps down due to the red car dislodging a rear tyre a couple of times.

Session 2 saw the 100 lap barrier broken by both W/R (blue lane - 104.4) and K/W (red lane - 104), while P/S suffered a loose strand of braid on the green car causing erratic performance and dropped them almost five laps down. Fastest lap also dropped into the 9s, with Wes managing 9.829 on red. The loose rear tyre costing them the overall session win.

Session 3 was the first where all three teams cracked the 100 lap score and it was becoming obvious that people were getting to know the cars abilities. This time K/W did achieve a good winning margin on the favoured blue lane, scoring 107.1 to W/R on 102.5 and P/S on 102.1. Keith managed to push the fastest lap down again with 9.766.

We stopped for half time tea break, and Peter fitted some different rear wheels/tyres to the red car to stop the occasional problem with the tyre coming loose.

It was pretty obvious shortly into the fourth session that this had made the red car a bit of a beast as Will was soon breaking the club lap record and I started to worry that the 9.41 breakout time I had set into the DS at the start of the night was going to be too high. It wasn't, and W/R took the session with 109.9 laps from K/W on 104.3 and P/S two laps further back. Reuben ended up getting the session lap record with 9.456

I reduced the breakout time before the start of the fifth session down to 9.01 seconds. This time it was K/W who dominated with the red car, posting a total lap score of 110.1, with W/R on 108.7 and P/S on 105.7. Fastest lap eased down yet again as Keith scored a 9.413.

Final session was the closest of all with all three teams being separated by two laps. K/W doing well to win on blue with 109.5, followed closely by W/R 0.3 laps behind and P/S on 107.5. Peter managed to push the lap record down even further and therefore created a new club lap record of 9.331. Good job I changed the breakout time when I did.

So the final result was

Keith and Wes 634.6 laps
Will and Reuben 632.3 laps
Peter and Sandy 616.1 laps

Fastest lap of the night and a new club record was some consolation for Peter at 9.331 seconds.

Thanks again to Peter for the use of his cars.
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Lane specific cars lined up ready to go for Special Night 4 with spare cars behind.

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