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This newbie needs help...

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As some of you know I've only been around this level of the game for about 3 weeks. I need to get some stuff so that I can get racin'. Here is SA we do not have a big selection of brands but it's not too bad import it ourself.

Now, what will be a good car to start with on a plastic track. I'm not talking about record breaking lap time because at the moment I can hardly make around the track without derailing. I want something sporty but robust but not a rally car, at least not yet. I hear that Ninco are are very fast down straight but don't stay on the track on corners.

Is Parma controllers any good to start with? What ohmage (is that the correct word/spelling) should I look at? I know you get the SCX controllers with the interchangeble resistors, why not use that? Does someone know of any SA manufacturers that I can contact for a controller?

Well, that's it for now. Thanks for now.
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When I restarted this hobby after leaving it 20 years ago, I bought a Scalextric set which had track a couple of cool cars (Porsche 911 GT) and an RMS interface which gave me a computer timing.

If I were to describe the steps thereafter that really made a mark for me it would be:
  • Getting a couple of Fly Dodge Vipers and C5-R Corvettes
  • Expanding the track to 4 lanes
  • Getting a big-jobs regulated power supply
  • Getting a set of Parma 25 ohm controllers
After all that I was hooked and it was easy to add to the collection. Have fun
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