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This newbie needs help...

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As some of you know I've only been around this level of the game for about 3 weeks. I need to get some stuff so that I can get racin'. Here is SA we do not have a big selection of brands but it's not too bad import it ourself.

Now, what will be a good car to start with on a plastic track. I'm not talking about record breaking lap time because at the moment I can hardly make around the track without derailing. I want something sporty but robust but not a rally car, at least not yet. I hear that Ninco are are very fast down straight but don't stay on the track on corners.

Is Parma controllers any good to start with? What ohmage (is that the correct word/spelling) should I look at? I know you get the SCX controllers with the interchangeble resistors, why not use that? Does someone know of any SA manufacturers that I can contact for a controller?

Well, that's it for now. Thanks for now.
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SCX, scalextric and Fly are good bets if you´re running magnets. if, later in the future, you decide to run magnet-less, you´ll have some troubles with cars from those brands (not with all, but certainly with a few).
MO: the less hassle cars (running well with mags or no mags) currently are the Ninco´s. But, thanks to a much bigger market, now-a-days you can get lots of other brands with very good cars. The ones mentioned before are just the ones that more often you´ll see in the shelves., Cartrix and Spirit, to name just the more talked about in recent times, have cars that arent much more expensive than ninco´s and are targeted for the racing audience. Even for the home racer, a 956 from its a pure joy to ride. For comparision sake, around here a Ninco costs me 33+ euros (up to 60 euros on their pro-race versions). A 956 costs me 45 euros...

But, for now, just choose the cars that you like best and do your own personal mistakes too. I have cars that i look at and say: "how could i buy this piece of carp???". But at the time i bought those i sure had loas of fun and took my lessons. and if they dont run well, you can allways turn to slotforum for some guidance.

Parma economy are one of the best quality/price controllers you can get and you can get them in various ohms and try out diferent resitances as you grow in the hobby. If you intend to keep the door open to both magnet and magnet-less racing, a 45ohms its the universal favorite, but its allways down to the particular driver and car. Roughly, the more ohms you get in a resistance, the more feel you get over the the cars speed curve, and running magnet-less would ask for a higher resistance, but as i said, its down to personal opinion and i happen to use 25 ohms with no magnets. so you´ll have to try it yourself.

MO: dont go for the scx controlers. judging by their common offerings, even their pro-controlers shouldn´t be any good.

You can also try to look for other comparable controlers to the parma economy. i´ve seen a few more brands offering very similar products (i dont know names, sorry). Bare in mind that you´ll also need to add a converter to the power base of your chosen track system. Ninco, SCX and comercial/club tracks all use diferent inputs connections. So check that with the brand that sells your chosen controler.
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