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This newbie needs help...

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As some of you know I've only been around this level of the game for about 3 weeks. I need to get some stuff so that I can get racin'. Here is SA we do not have a big selection of brands but it's not too bad import it ourself.

Now, what will be a good car to start with on a plastic track. I'm not talking about record breaking lap time because at the moment I can hardly make around the track without derailing. I want something sporty but robust but not a rally car, at least not yet. I hear that Ninco are are very fast down straight but don't stay on the track on corners.

Is Parma controllers any good to start with? What ohmage (is that the correct word/spelling) should I look at? I know you get the SCX controllers with the interchangeble resistors, why not use that? Does someone know of any SA manufacturers that I can contact for a controller?

Well, that's it for now. Thanks for now.
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Morning all and thanx for all the info.

Well, I got some stuff. I took mac p's advise and got a good controller. Or atleast they say it's good. It's a 45ohm Fly with that adjustable tension thingy but without the power whatsamacallit. It is very smooth and robust. Thought I'd get something good that will last a while because I don't like buying things for rhe second time. The cars, yes two, that I got is a SCX Hyundai Accent and a SCX Dome Judd. The Hyundai only got a small wing that can break off but the Judd's wing and mirrors are already in the spares bin. Both are alot of fun to drive and so far I'm happy. I want a Indy or Formula 1 car aswell but they break to easily. Will keep you posted on the progress.

Cheers for now and remember, slot racers are groovy.
*how corny is that*
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