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This years cars

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Just wondering what the CHORC guys will be running?

Mainly SRT's I suspect

Maybe the occasional SG+
And the LL

Well my offerings are...

My plan is to run LL all year but that depends if they are competitive.
The first one is the only Group C style body available for LL
The second is a single seater that only fits the M chassis so I doubt that will keep up with the SRT's, may have to resort to an SRT myself for that one.
For the formula Libra I may run the truck again, not very aerodynamic but great to watch go around
Not sure what the last quarter is but I wouldn't be surprised to see Nascars.
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How are you going to attach the rear wing with an old tyre Paul? Please post some photos of the repair when you do it as I am very interested to see it.

I had a look at my car again last night and it is such a small area of body that the rear wing post glues onto. No wonder the wing has fallen off of all of them!!
I don't know yet, may not even be possible, I'm sure I'll work something out
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21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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