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Three Jags

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One tin of paint and three Jaguars

George Turner XJS, fantastic kit

Airfix E-Type on a PCS32 Chassis

Ocar C- Type on a PCS32 Chassis

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Lovely job on those cars Pace!
I like the third one best.
All three look good to me, but I just love Jags.
When I saw the title I thought John Prescot had joined the forum!

Love the XJS, stunning!
Lovely group, 50s, 60s and 70s. I think the C is the nicest.

John Prescott will be dead jealous !

I know I'm being picky but I prefer to see painted Wire Wheels, more accurate. Apart from that lovely 120 C.
Many thanks for the comments, I do have a bit of a soft spot for Jags and the GTM XJS is a cracker of a kit.

The wheels on the C-Type have been changed since the picture was taken and now has a set of Penelope Pitlane wheels similar to those on the Mk2 below, rather than the Cartrix ones on the S-Type next to it (these two Jags were painted by Rooster364)

Have to agree that the wheels do make quite a difference to the look.

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Have a look at the two XK120s
The green car is an old Aurora body mounted on a Pittman motor and Kemtron chassis. It is the Stirling Moss car from the 1950 Dundrod TT
The Ecurie Ecosse car is a PYL resin mounted on a PCS chassis. It is the correct blue as I got the paint code from Ecurie Ecosse and have the paint mixed for me.
I hope you like.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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