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Hi peeps

I've finished the artwork for your throttles, now is the time to change the image if you want to. Email me a new hi res one if you don't like the ones I've found.

My one has a picture from GT5, TVR in blue, so anything can be put on them if you like. I was thinking of a close up a nude women just to put the opposition off lol.

Let me know soon as.On another thought I could sell advertising on the sides... humm?


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QUOTE (CJA @ 20 Sep 2011, 08:50) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Ey Up Guys,

both my Tru-speed boxes have the "Accel" and "Hold" knobs t'other way round compared to those shown above.

Any known reason for this ??.

vbr Chris A.

yes I know, my throttle was one one the first ones out, sort of prototype, there several different versions. On my one the 'Hold' says 'Release'

You can have what ever you like, this is what I have on my one at the moment.

Instead of hold you could have 'slips into corner' or 'sh1t I missed the corner' or 'what does this do?' and so on. No hard and fast rules here!

· Lee Green
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Hey Phil looking good , mine is hold above te brake and acc is in middle
don't think the numbers go all the way around , I will bring in my blank one without a name on it and let you know the spacing on numers , once again thanks phil

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QUOTE (dangermouse @ 20 Sep 2011, 10:01) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Look great - might do something like that for my controller

Send me an image and where your hold and other bits are and I will send you a pdf ready to printout and laminate.

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