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Hey all,
After some frustration with SSDC and pacers losing their 'pace' mode, i decided to try out PC LC again, and with the latest version just released, it's quite an app.
New pace car settings, pit lane support, re-run a race with just a press of a button, and I really like the race histroy data and such, which isn't really there in SSDC. I know there's ways to access the DB, but it's a bit of work...and i'd rather race...

I'm having one strange issue though. I like to reduce my 'max' power to the car, since i'll never use 100% on my track...but still maintain a 'full' trigger travel.
In SSDC, this was fairly straight-forward. I believe i have my power at around 40%, and the controller responds in a nice, linear fashion, up to full throttle/full trigger.
that makes it easy to modulate, and much less twitchy.

I'm trying the same thing with PC LC, but it just doesn't seem to work the same way. So, if i set power to 50%....yes, the car will definately run slower...but it hits that 'full throttle' at about 60-70% trigger position, and the last 30-40% of travel do nothing. So, it's still as twitchy, just slower....

Any thoughts? where am i going wrong?

Win7 Pro, 64
APB ver 1.9
latest versions of SSDC and PC LC
Digital Plat. set, extended straights and PitPro Deluxe

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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