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I just purchased PC Lapcounter after some recent frustrations with SSDC as well. What you'll need to do is adjust the throttle curve for each driver and leave the max power at 100. This ends up giving you more control over the entire curve than the latest SSDC versions however it takes more tweaking time. Start with the right hand numbers which will be at 63 by default. Drop those numbers to around 40. Then even out the rest of the 14 or so spaces to make a gradual curve. Run some laps.. re-adjust... repeat etc, etc.. SSDC used to use the same method but now uses the simpler approach with the 3 knobs.

Unfortunatlely the throttle curves in PC Lapcounter can only be set per driver and not per car. Andy got it right in SSDC with throttle curves being used per car. Actually I wish they would both have a curve in the driver profile and then an option to override it with the car's curve if you wish.

As far as PC Lapcounter support... I was able to get a bug fix in less than 24 hours just by sending an email. I was evaluating at the time though... so maybe there was that extra bit of motivation
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