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Hi Kevin and lil one
first yes fly vipers are little rockets but a blast to drive

controllers - if you are running lots of different levels of magnetic downforce e.g Fly Viper (lots of magnet) or Ninco Jaguar XK120 (no magnet) etc you will find the standard controllers inadequate. The standard controllers will be fine with low/no magnet cars but as you state like on/off switches for other cars.

If you find yourself just running cars with magnets then a 25ohm or 45ohm controller from Parma or Red Fox will do you wonders(£18-£25 for economy models). However if you run lots of diff magnetic downforce cars and you don't want to have to swap over controllers then a Professor Motor controller (£35-£40 for basic model) is the way to go. It will work with all your car giving you a smooth linear response all the time making all your cars a joy to drive. I use a PM for home and club racing

The difference is that scaly, parma and red fox controllers are resistor based whereas the PM is a diode contoller that will ensure a smooth response to all your cars.

The Parma and Red Fox controllers are avaialble from most of the well known on-line retailers but all of them including the basic PM controllers are available at GetSlotted

Hope this helps.

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