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A warm, wet & humid night on Wearside attracted the dregs of the North Easts slug life to Britains Worst Slot Club for round 5 of the Championship.
We had 30 in with 28 racing, well done everyone for making it such a fun evening. The atmosphere was fantastic!
Top of the tree was cheating Smoggie Jamie & comic book hero Ironman Tom..very well done girls!
Great to see ex BSCRA World Champion George Kimber doing so badly - he just can`t cut it with the six year olds at NERCS( remember our motto George "It`s never the tracks fault").
Nice to see New Dave & his two kids Morgan & Harvey at the club. We hope you enjoyed yourself & that our obnoxious behaviour hasn`t put you off coming back again.
Last night also saw the draw of the Auto Art Nissan Fairlady raffle, which was won (as usual) by the son of cheating Smoggy Jamie, James.
Remember, next meet is Wedenesday 18th June.
This Sunday, May 8th sees the massive Classic car show & open day at NERCS (from approx 11am).
Tuesday , May 24th we`re all going down to Raceway 81 to wreck their joint again (not to be missed evening!).
Here`s last nights results in descending order of uselessness.

Cheating Smoggy,Sh*t Shoe Cook My Sock Jamie 23
Ironman Tom 23
Whispering Dave Wisdom 21
Martin with a Y 20
New Dave 18
Slot Car Senna (Mathew) 18
Slot Car Dad 18
Stewe Pot 18
Wayne Oral 17
Josh Blondy 16
Harvey 16
George "Special" K 16
Laura Smoggy H 15
Dave Glasses 15
Smoggy Geoff 15
The Great Ronaldo 14
Lewis Da Man 14
Wayne Text 13
Alex Schumacher 13
Son of cheating Smoggie Sh*t Shoe Cook My Sock Jamie, James 13
Geoff Bike 12
Big Mal 12
Courtney 11
Poison Dwarf Chris 11
Jeremy Kyle Guest Look a Like Chris 10
Clippy Matt 9
Morgan 9
Ginger Jack 9.

The man in black says;
"Thank-you Slot Car Dad!"
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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