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Tilt and/or Swivel Viewing Screens

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I am almost totally convinced that a good size tilt and swivel LCD is close to the top of the priority list for a camera operator who wants to photograph models that spend a lot of their time below waist level and possibly on the floor.

On this basis, a lot of otherwise excellent cameras are falling off my short list, including all digital SLRs and the otherwise very accomplished and excellent value Lumix cams from Panasonic, Kodak (yes they make a couple of cracking good super-zooms!) and Fuji's 7xxx and 5xxx series. In fact, at present, the only cams still on my list are Sony's F828 and the Canon Pro-1. But I'm very willing to rethink things (yet again!) in the light of any new info or insights from camera enthusiasts here.

Has anyone found a workaround for this problem?
I really want to see what you think about your own cameras, with regard to the LCD and its usefulness, whether you wish you had held out for a T & S screen etc.

Has anyone rigged up a small off-cam LCD or even a tiny TV to get around the problem?

Please post anything that might contribute towards my choosing my next cam, with a view to it providing for my needs over the next several years. It has become urgent after having had mine stolen from my car a couple of days back.
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Tilt and swivel LCD screens are especially useful for macro work. I've used one on the canon G-series cameras.

Have you considered the Canon A95?

I think there are more important features to look for though.
Don't forget that you want a camera that takes good macro shots. No good in looking specifically for a tilt and swivel LCD if the camera's macro capability is lacking.

I agree with you about the batteries. My camera (Canon Powershot A40) uses them and I have been able to grab some alkalines in a pinch. However, some of the proprietary batteries are very good, just a bit expensive for replacements.

I prefer compact flash cards too.

What will you be using the pictures for? No point in buying an 8MP prosumer camera if you just want to take pics for the web. What other features will you need/want?
The F717 is a fantastic camera. Tack-sharp lens and excellent macro capabilities. Can be a bit noisy at higher ISO, but neatimage or noise ninja can sort that out. Colours can seem a bit more subdued compared to some makes too, but it's a matter of taste.
1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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