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Tilt and/or Swivel Viewing Screens

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I am almost totally convinced that a good size tilt and swivel LCD is close to the top of the priority list for a camera operator who wants to photograph models that spend a lot of their time below waist level and possibly on the floor.

On this basis, a lot of otherwise excellent cameras are falling off my short list, including all digital SLRs and the otherwise very accomplished and excellent value Lumix cams from Panasonic, Kodak (yes they make a couple of cracking good super-zooms!) and Fuji's 7xxx and 5xxx series. In fact, at present, the only cams still on my list are Sony's F828 and the Canon Pro-1. But I'm very willing to rethink things (yet again!) in the light of any new info or insights from camera enthusiasts here.

Has anyone found a workaround for this problem?
I really want to see what you think about your own cameras, with regard to the LCD and its usefulness, whether you wish you had held out for a T & S screen etc.

Has anyone rigged up a small off-cam LCD or even a tiny TV to get around the problem?

Please post anything that might contribute towards my choosing my next cam, with a view to it providing for my needs over the next several years. It has become urgent after having had mine stolen from my car a couple of days back.
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I hope I can be helpful but being non autofocused, non digital. I thought that for models of slotcars, except maybe for racing you would be in control of your environment most of the time.
With my eyesight the way it is varifocal glasses. Even having an LCD screen would not be a total solution. On my T90 and F1 I have the old fashion technology of swivel right angle finders and speedfinders. If I am photographying a static model indoors I use a tripod to get down to waist level. The obvious accessory would be a waist level finder as this generally magnifies the image.
Incidentially, I have found, that because LCD are not close up to the photographer. Many times when I am out photographing cars (i.e. Goodwood Festival of Speed) digital photographers walk straight in front of you concentrating on their screen (i.e. like a mobile phone user) without any regard for the photographers behind them taking pictures. Also they seem to take up more space just to use the LCD. As for slide film thats fine it's the prints off them that are getting more expensive. Due to Digital coming in prints from a slide 6x4 have gone up from 60p to £ 1.50 each. Or my camera shop does a deal 4 for £4. Films not dead yet. But will prints from slides go the same way as Black & white printing? I have seen superb defination digital photos posted on the web. But as they say if aint broke don't fix it. So I'II stick with film for now.
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