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I need a such a system for my 17 meters 4 lane Carrera track.
Is there one that does not need a computer (could be hooked on TV screen)?
Is there one that works with a Mac?
What is the one you like the best on PC?
Which system: Windows 98, 2000, XP?
Price range around 300 Euros (PC not included)
Edo ( still lost in Greece)

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Hi Edo!

I use a PC based timer called Slot Race Manager. I've tried different freeware programs an SRM is the best. It actually run in DOS. it's very precise 1/1000 of a second and haven't missed a lap yet. (all the others I've tried does that all the time)
I've built in a couple of Phototransistors in my Ninco track and I use a light bridge. You connect the Phototransistors to the parallelport on the PC (I use and old I got for free from a friend)

Please say if you want more info on how to install the electronis in your track.

You can find SRM and info here:

Slot Race Manager

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