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I thought I had best not hyjack cenobyte's thread on his software.

Okay, Oxford is in dire need of new PC based software and sensors. None of us are rocket scientists but I think we all know which end of the soldering iron to grasp.

So, my learned and estimeed slotters (see, I'm crawling to ya') what would you recommend?

The sensor arrangement needs to be durable and robust - we have to pack up each night and put the track to bed.

We are on a budget here!

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Cheap and cheerful - pick up RMS which you should be able to find cheap - then download an excellent pice of freeware (check out the RMS section on SCI) which runs via DOS and then with a PC away you go. The software is very easy to use and gives timing to 1000ths and is very easy to read and shows whose in the lead etc.

Main issue about lap counting and guides but the slon are well doc here and I've had no problems.

If you are happy wiring and DIY then create your own light bridge with decent halogen bulbs, get some senors and wire it to a PC then there are loads of freeware programme around.

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..sorry to disagree - for clubracing you need someting reliable and exact! Nothing which just connects some LDR's to the paralell-port of the PC.

I have very good experience with DS, BEPFE and the Carrera RMS - all of them exact and reliable even for 24h-endurance-races! But these systems are not cheap! Ask Swiss about his experience with SlotMan and the RaceControl hardware - -I won't comment these as I know the whole developement of Slotman froim the beginning (beta-testing) when it started as a sensor/PC-system.
For trials, join the slotforum-birthday-party - there are different systems in use!
So - try and judge by yourself...


I recall wrexham praising the Slot Master software, until it broke and the chap who built it was as good as a chocolate fireguard.
So stay away from it.

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