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Tinted glass.........

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Can any of you experts out there help me?

I'm making up a resin kit at the moment - a Team Slot Lancia Delta S4, but with a fair few changes to make it look more like the original. I want to put in a tinted (fairly dark) rear window (this was solid resin on the original kit) but I'm not sure where to source some tinted plastic to make this from? Anyone spotted suitable packaging recently??

My other option is to somehow paint/tint some clear plastic but I'm not sure how easy this would be....or how effective it would look.

Any advice or pointers much appreciated!


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I've got some Scalextric Cardboard control towers to build.

The windows are smoked glass made from thin plastic sheet.

I'll have loads left over after I've finished, plenty for all the cars you'll ever build in a liftime.

It's pefect for your needs, I might even do it to my own Martini S4 Delta.

PM me your address and I'll stick some in the post to you.

No charge!

PS I've had a 2 minute ride in a real one (Delta that is).

Its like sitting on a cannonball!
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QUOTE (doncatwalker @ 7 May 2012, 18:13) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Ian H

I'm enormously grateful (PM sent).........

............and incredibly jealous! That must have been one a hell of a ride!!



And a 6R4 and an RS200.

They were quite nippy too!
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