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Tinted glass.........

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Can any of you experts out there help me?

I'm making up a resin kit at the moment - a Team Slot Lancia Delta S4, but with a fair few changes to make it look more like the original. I want to put in a tinted (fairly dark) rear window (this was solid resin on the original kit) but I'm not sure where to source some tinted plastic to make this from? Anyone spotted suitable packaging recently??

My other option is to somehow paint/tint some clear plastic but I'm not sure how easy this would be....or how effective it would look.

Any advice or pointers much appreciated!


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Hi Don, I've done quite a few tint bands on various models and usually use normal Humbrol metalic green paint. The trick is to let the paint pot stand for a few days after buying it so the metal part sinks leaving just the green oil on top. Open the tin carefully without shaking or stirring and away you go. Practice on a piece of clear acrylic first and dont try to much at first. build up layers as you need. It's even possible to do a completely green screen with a heavier tint at the top.

Hope this helps...............Dick
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