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Hey all

I've just purchased a Tony AFX set off eBay so me and my daughters can use. The track and cars need a little bit of TLC.

In terms of the track how's best to clean it?

My process I'm thinking is

Quick wipe down for general dirt
Use ultra fine emery board on the metal track parts although I've seen videos use metal coin, pencil erasor, magic sponge erasor thing, just not sure which is best.

Then next step I'm not sure of, use some contact cleaner to clean any residue off the metal part and also clean the black plastic and then use some inox mx3 to protect.

I'm maybe over thinking it but is this best way or any other suggestions?

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Water-based cleaners can cause corrosion if they get down into places where it takes a while to dry. Put some cleaner on a rag and wipe down the track with that. If the track is used enough it will not be necessary to polish the rails. If there is a little corrosion on the rails you can remove that using fingernail buffing blocks from the cosmetic section of drug, grocery or department stores. Do not use coarse sandpaper, that will leave scratches and cause the rails to corrode more quickly. If the track is located in a damp area consider using a dehumidifier.
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