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I thought i would put a rare ho scale set on. The set was the 1st set made by Tomy of Japan. The box top has 2 very weird looking kids racing.
The cars are Nissan Cedrics. The grills & bumpers are made of metal. The motor is a huge can type motor with a worm gear. The track is very unusual in that the figure 8 folds in half & is already assembled. The set also has 2 grandstands & 2 battery powered controllers. Hope you enjoy this rare set,Bernard
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That is a really cool set and thank you Bernard for sharing it. You really do have a wonderful collection!

The motor looks like a 1/32nd one which makes you wonder how they managed to stuff it into an HO car.

The fold away idea is something that shoudl have been explored further. I've been thinking of micro cars on an A4 size track as another portable type venture. With a motor from one of the new type radio control planes which is only around 3volts and incredibly small, you could have a great little track.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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