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Top Slot Jaguar

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I have a built, ready to race Top Slot ref. 6003 Rocketsports Racing Jaguar XKR for sale, as driven by Paul Gentilozzi/Scott Pruett/Michael Lauer and Brian Simo in the 2002 Daytona 24 Hours.

The car is nicely built, sprayed and clear coated. Chassis is a HRS with wheels, tyres and gear and a Professor Motor PMTR1500 motor.

£60.00 plus postage.

Please send enquiries to [email protected]

Kind regards

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Nice one Russell - I built one which is metalic green (sort of Jaguar FI colour) with the cat transfers on the side and 1/24 scale Martini stripes from the top of the front wings along to the doors - it looks striking. I hav`nt yet laquered it mainly because I`m not sure what to use, I realise that this must be very carefully - I don`t want to ruin it at this stage. Any advice would be welcome. Cheers - Phil Barry.
Russell - Many thanks for the info I`ll get onto that, I have a few other resin cars that I can treat, our weather forcast for the next week is good so let us spray!
Cheers - Phil B.
Thanks for the comments gentlemen, I shall proceed with caution.
Cheers - Phil B. (Abergavenny - South Wales)
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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