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New to me is this Top Slot Maserati Tipo 152, the 1964 Le Mans #2 car of Simon/Trintignant :

Picture courtesy of Cric Crac.

Also listed are the following, soon to be released:

TP0050 Chaparral 2E
TP0049 Chaparral 2F
TP0048 Chaparral 2G
TP0051 Chaparral 2H
TP0040 Chaparral 2J
TP0043 Corvette Racing'55
TP0044 Corvette Racing'56
TP0054 Ferrari 340MM
TP0037 Jaguar E Type Linder
TP0039 Jaguar E Type V12 Racing
TP0041 Maserati 300S Sebring
TP0034 Ferrari 340MM

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Hi all,

both this car and the TP0054 Ferrari 340MM were featured in Guia Slot Racing magazine #34.

It's about time there were some new releases from Top Slot - I think they make excellent entry level kits for those who want to make their own cars. The quality of the castings are excellent and they're made to fit on standard running gear (normally Ninco or MRRC).

It's just a shame there were so few releases last year (many of the models listed below have been propsed since the end of 2002!


PS: World Classics make a bodyshell of the Lindner Jaguar - the quality is nowhere near as good as Top Slots but for those who can't wait.....!

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QUOTE It's about time there were some new releases from Top Slot

Well, they had a little contretemps. You see, all their castings were previously produced by...MMK in Marseille, France. As Top Slot failed to pay their bills in time, Victor Di Natali is no longer making patterns and castings for them, so they had to find someone else. Before you invest a lot, check out the quality of the new castings and the accuracy of the models... they may or may not be as good as they used to be.

Mr. Pea

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I was just given the Maser and the Longtail 917 to review. Both look excellent, the only problem I can see is the US price. Well, and I have no idea how to actually GET them in the US.
Of the ones I have not seen, the 340mm is the only one I would actually try to buy, maybe Gary Cannell can get them for me. Dunno. It is not like I dont have enough projects.


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I'm sorry but some info is not correct. MMK has never made the patterns for TOP SLOT. They only manufactured and made the castings from tooling. The patterns and tooling were made by freelance designer that, by the way are producing also for MMK.
Due to the fact that MMK entered into manufactring their own models one year ago, there was a "conflict" with TOP SLOT. So, TS has only chaged factory but not the artists.

New models like the R-t-R Jaguar C-Type are the proof that quality is like used to be...or even better.

I have a sample of the new release, also a R-t-R the Chrysler LMP900 that is excellent.

Other models for the new season that will be presented at Nuremberg Toy Fair will be (and I have seen the samples):

Chaparral 2J "Sucker Car" (Ready-to-Run)
Cunningham C4-R LM 1952 (Ready-to-Run)
Courage LMP 2003 kit with SLOT.IT chassis
Matra Simca 670B LM 1973 body
among others...

Regards to all,


I would love to review the Top Slot RTR Cunningham CR4-R LM as this is one of my favourite cars of all time.

I have a John Jude Built Top Slot E type which is really nice.

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