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Hi Everyone,

This is a simmering subject, I understand there are rumours circulating regarding banning the new Racer Zakspeed Ford Capri
for this year (possibly due to the fact that they could upstage the Peugeot 406 a/w currently being used by most people)
Yes I have one on Pre-order but I'm not the only one.

The Ford Capri is eligibile to race and I'm sure that if I were to or had been using a Fly Ford Capri no one would bat an eyelid,
I don't see how you can ban the same model from one manufacturer but not the other unless of course its because the under
pinings are from one manufacturer (Slot-it) and the body from another manufacturer (Racer), this all assuming the rumour is
true, I might add its undemocratic!! to CHANGE THE RULES mid term, this should be done before the year's racing commences.

As we race cars to the BTCC or similar why not follow the rules properly, ALL eligible cars should have FOUR DOOR bodyshells
for 2013 and also re-jig Super 4x4!!! to use other so called tin tops, how about Grp 5 Silhouette.

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