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Over at Slotcentre I discovered this pic. It's a RAV4 - hence of much interest to me - but my Spanish isn't up to ordering a beer, let alone understanding what this body fits on. Impressive interior detailing too.Any one got any info?


· Jim Moyes
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Looks like it uses a Team Slot 54001 chassis (Oh dear!) and a TS-1 motor.

Can't make out if the chassis is from a specific car or just a generic one. Team Slot site is pretty awful too.

TS-1 motor is basically like the one you ripped from the heart of your Sigma. Good scale speed then!


· Allan Wakefield
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Nur Zwei Bier ?

light weight!

Good looking RAV body, I bet it fits some other chassis with a little work.

The Team Slot rally one maybe?
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