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Just to add to the Christmas cheer!

''Ralf drives like a woman''

Ralf Schumacher drives in the city 'like a woman', at least that's what his wife said in a German television programme.The new Toyota driver is not too much at ease when it comes time to park the car in the city. "He had many small accidents," said Cora Schumacher. "Especially when he gets in or out of a parking space. Ralf is creating the kind of accidents that we usually associate with women."

One example: Ralf had to trade his BMW road car for a Toyota - for obvious contractual reasons - and already had his first 'involuntary contact' while trying to park. "Ralf was waiting for the 'beep' that was supposed to warn him that he was close enough to the car in the back but we heard another sound instead!" explained Cora.

We must add that his Toyota is not equipped with a 'Park distance control' system like on his previous car (BMW)... and Ralf is now aware of it !

Merry Christmas


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Ralf. Banging from behind. Best I say nothing.

This reminds me of a time when I was at BMW and we were introducing the 7 series with one of the first parking radar systems. We lined the cars up along a wall and after the briefing suggest the journalist try reversing towards the wall to test the system. All went well until…

.. the elderly Lord Strathcarron got in. He listened to my description of how the radar would start to beep and the beeping would get more frequent the closer the car got to the wall until it sounded continuously which was when he should stop.

He slipped the car into reverse. Sure enough the beeps started and got more frequent until there was a constant tone. Then there was a crunch.

"Bloody thing doesn't work!" he proclaimed. I pointed out he hadn't pressed the brake pedal.
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