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I'm not sure if this should be here or pit lane - it's about a 1:1 car anyway.

My mate has traded his Smart car in for a proper car! He's got a Jap-spec (imported) 1993 3.0i Supra, non-turbo automatic (24 valve motor). It's got a few bells and whistles such as climate- and cruise-control.
Anyhow, the handbook is in Japanese (obviously), so I was wondering if anyone can help him out with an English one, or at least the specs of the car (type of auto box, what modes the overdrive works in (top gear only?), capacities etc.).

She's a beaut to drive!! Steering quick and precise, rear end seems quite planted. The motor is strong with plenty of grunt, but things get more interesting when it spins up to 5000 rpm! The engine seems to come "on-cam" and she really does pick up and go after that
Could this be to do with the HKS induction kit methinks?
We don't know if the engine has had any internal mods yet, neither have we jacked the car up to see what's underneath

We did set off one of the distrss flares we found in the glove box though

Scott, if you can provide any help in this regard them by all means PM me.

Many Thanks,

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Oh, dodgy imports - no!

Only joking.

We never imported the non-Turbo so don't have English handbooks. I doubt we'd struggle for a 1993 handbook in any case.

Try or - I'm sure you'll find loads of help there.
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