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I assume your track is all Sport track given that you had a digital Scalextric set for Christmas.

I used a combination of Scalextric track clips and copper panel pins on my track which is portable so needs very secure track fixing.

Make sure you buy the right clips - Scalextric do two types for Sport track - clips that join two pieces of track together to make 4 lanes and clips that hold down the outside edges of the track. Make sure you get the right ones. I ordered 4 sets of the outside edge clips from LD Discounts and they sent me 3 correct and one wrong - fortunately I had overestimated and got away with 3 packs but was not impressed by their stock picking ability!

You will also need short tacks or panel pins to fix the clips down and I got these from my local independent hardware store at about half the price of a large DIY chain. They referred to them as brass escutcheon pins.

The clips actually hold down the join between two track pieces (when you clip to pieces of Sport track together they form horizontal slots on the side of the track join that the clips fit into).

This gives you a problem at the board edge and you can get over this in one of two ways;

1) by pinning the end of the track with a longer panel pin (12mm - 15mm depending on the thickness of your baseboard) which you should insert at the top of where the plastic lugs stick out of the track end. Put the panel pin in at 45 degrees from vertical so it effectively goes back under the track. Use a pin punch to make sure the panel pin becomes flush to the track piece so it doesn't stop a proper join.

2) or by using a bench grinder (one of the bench mounted grinding wheels used to sharpen tools) to remove half of the bit of the clip that actually goes into the slot in the side of the track so that you can offset the clip and use the smaller lug you created to hold down just that piece of track whilst the clip stays completely on the board and secured with the usual two panel pins. Do the same for the track piece on the other board that joins to it.


However you choose to fix down your track IT MOVES AS YOU ARE FIXING IT. You can be very very careful and still end up with a track that is out by 10-20mm at the other end if not properly managed. Been there, done that, cursed and started again. If at all possible you should completely assemble your track onto the boards. Clamp it down carefully wherever possible and use the track clips. Once it is all tacked down pull the boards apart and secure the ends of track that cross the board joints. If your layout is complex I predict that at some point during this process you will be wondering why the hell you didn't go routed!!!

Have fun!
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