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I run SSDC v.4.6.8 (the latest for PB7030) with PB7030 and another 7030 for pit lane.
My objective is to enable Track Call only by a Course Marshal.
When Brake Button is set up for Track Call, it is available to all drivers, which I want to avoid. There is no way to isolate one controller (the Course Marshal's) to do this. In any case, I prefer to have the Brake Button disabled.

I've tried Automatic Track Call, but could not set it up to everyone's satisfaction, and found some problems with pit stop timing, etc. And, in any case, it does not serve my purpose.

I recall mention of the F3 key to do Track Call, but I can't get it to work - pressing the key does nothing.

Is there some way to enable a Course Marshal ONLY to do Track Call?
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