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Hi Guys

I'm running Carrera Wireless, 4 lane, analog.

My track is permanently together and secured to a table top, so short of tearing up a lot of scenery work, I can't get at underneath the track.

On Lane 2, I had a piece of Carrera crossover track with the half of one lane dead. I tried putting copper tape on that section of the rails and it seemed to improve.

Then, out of the blue, the entire lane went dead.

As far as I can tell, its not a wireless controller / wireless tower issue, because when I try the Lane 2 controller on the other lanes, it works fine.

All the other lanes work fine.

I'm also assuming its not a power cable issue, because I switched the cables up as they go into the black box, and again, all lanes but 2 worked.

So, I'm assuming its a track issue. Per Carsy, I thought tonight I'd work on the track joins with a conductive pen from Radio Shack.

I suppose another option may be to copper wire the whole lane.

Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?

Thanks, Chris

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Have you tried scoring the tape in several places around the track, particularly where you have the power track and any power taps? Sometimes the adhesive is not conducting, and by scoring the tape you are pressing the adhesive out of the way so that the copper touches the rail directly.
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