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I have attached a routed track design that is going to replace my current Scalextric Classic 4 lane. It is, as you can see a relatively simple design intended to provide a venue similar to that on some commercial tracks. Several parameters were considered:

1. It had to fit an 8' X 16' space (not a question of domestic negotiations - they can be managed - steel support columns are more difficult to negotiate with)

2. It should be easy to marshall - my current track affords several popular crash sites in the middle of the track!

3. I wanted at least one wide radius sweeper for my long wheel base, no magnet vintage GP cars.

The track will run clockwise, beginning with the start line in the center of the inner parallel track. The first corner is a decreasing/increasing radius hairpin then down the front straight (8' 4") to a decreasing radius sweeper. The track passes under the overpass and begins to climb alng the longest straight (10'3") to an opening (increasing radius) corner and then to another large radius opening coner that goes sharply downhill to the start/finish line. Lane spacing is tight - between Scaly & Ninco. I think that there will be more driving challenge than the simple layout might suggest at first glance.

I plan to use 3/16" magnetic braid with a 0.010" recess and a gloss alkyd enamel finish. ( I have a certain amount of experience painting racing dinghies and can get a very good approximation of a sprayed finish)

The pieces referenced in the legend are the "building blocks" used in the design. They are derived from standard and custom section definitions in Tracker 2000. An elliptical routing jig will be used the blend the radii.

It's still on paper so any comments/succestions will be greatly appreciated.

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