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.... is there anything that can do 3D layouts. Basic views, nothing major. I love tracker 2000, it's done me very well over the years, but I'd like to see something in 3D without breaking out a CAD program and driving myself nuts for a few extra hours. Freeware or Cheapoware, maybe design in 2d, then swap to a 3d mode to change some elevations and stuff.

I'm currently moving my home track to a 4 lane ninco, and I'd love some elevation, but I seem to keep doing bridges/underpasses that get all too constricted in my 8'x16' space.

Anyway, just a bit of curiosity.

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this feature is included in the scalextric sports-world system. Its planned to be released around christmas time, and offers a lot of other features. In January, I believe scalextric were aiming for the £70 price, but who knows.

not seen one for ninco track or other systems
Yeah, I've seen that, it looks to be about what I'm looking for (just that part of the "World" system), but something that is 'open' for different types of track. It can be cartoony in looks, just something to help give a better idea of what something is going to look like without wasting infinite time setting up supports, etc. I'm going to guess nothing else has been made... yet. Here's to hoping!

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I agree something that would let you work in 3d would be an asset - I keep confusing myself in Tracker (then again it ain't hard

That said I started poking about with tracker last night (the raceshed project is officially go) and was still on it at 6am planning & drawing when the wife came in & let me have a mouthful since I had appointments today.

Still I hadn't been yelled at when I came home with 2 new cars & some track yesterday arvo so perhaps I should count my blessing.. (no s)
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I would like the decent free track designer - Tracker is good , but I feel
a little over priced for what it is.
If you want a 2D freeware track designer then look no further than "Slotman".

It took me a bit of a while to get to grips with (it isnt the most intuitive program you will ever use) but once I got used to it it became quite easy to design layouts quickly.

It has its drawbacks and is a bit restricted in one or two areas but for freeware and ongoing support you cant beat it. Stefan is also an extremely helpful guy and was more than willing to get my version up and running with Sport track database before it was even released on the website.
GBMArk : this soft is fantastic!!!

thanks for the link !

is it possible to use this soft without the control box? i've got a swith under the track, with a relay : at the moment i use it with // port and a VB software of mine...

but i do't find setting in slotman to do this, is it possible?

QUOTE (fouldsc @ 3 Jun 2004, 10:51)I would like the decent free track designer - Tracker is good , but I feel
a little over priced for what it is.
I do realise that this is an old thread but anyway there is another free track design software it's called "funny enough" track designer
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