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I have just recently moved into the digital world and did so with Carrera as i like the features it has right out of the box as well as the detail on the cars. The track width appealed too as i may run the 1/24th cars at some point.

I have been playing with layout designs for a while now and i have come up with a couple below. I was wondering if people who are familiar with the Carrera system and the way the cars handle, would be able to advise on these two and give feedback as to which may be best in their experience.

I would like to know what additional track i need before i start constructing. I am aware that personal taste comes into it, but just wanted to bounce my ideas off people!

If it makes any difference, i prefer to remove magnets slowing the cars down and I will also be painting the track.
This is my latest and i think i prefer the look of this....

This one is the original design i had come up with which is roughly the same as the Scalextric analogue set-up i have now.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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