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Hi jamracing

Nice track dude.
Looks like a lot of fun !

Hi aidan

Drawing out ideas in the 'free' UR3 software can help a lot in seeing how much you can get in your space.
Arh...just read back...having software problems...

Before I had UR3 software, I used to design my tracks using small paper cut-outs.
Get the track-geometry drawing off the cardboard packaging from some Scalextric track.
( could do other sizes as well, but this worked good for me )

Cut-out the curve shapes & a straight & 1/2 straight etc.
...old fashion style template for quickly drawing track sections & planning layouts on paper.
If you're acurate in using it & get the 'join angles' correct, it can be VERY spot on size wise.
Helps to have a protractor & square also.

You should be able to get a pretty decent track going in your space.

I was flatting in London a few years back & had like jamracing a 6x4 to work with.
It's amazing what you can do with a 6x4 which is obviously smaller than what you have.

( this is actualy a couple of inches bigger than 6x4, if you want the borders )

Anyhow thought I'd put it up.
It was a VERY fun track, & loads of great racing was done on it.

You can see the X-over in the top-right, this was put in for solo-racing & timed rally stages.
Basicaly DOUBLING the lap-time.
Of course you don't need that with changers; but others after a 6x4 might !



Try the paper cut-outs with scotch-tape for planing, IT WORKS !!!
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