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Track Painting

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Hi all,
I have a few questions about grip levels, and/or painting plastic track, and/or magnets
First off Painting plastic track. is it just for asthetics or does it improve grip for non mag cars? what type of paint is the prefered choice? Following on from this, What are the grip levels like on a routed wooden track with copper tape? is it similar to painted plastic with non mag? I normally run magnets but have tried without and found the grip levels 'interesting' . I'm no stanger to sliding cars but normally work on much bigger 1/10 scale RC buggys, where a 2WD can be a challenge on a slippy sports hall floor. I'm currently developing the layout for my permenant track and I am contemplating taking all the mangets out. But somehow I like the sheer silly speed obtainable with mag scalex boxter.
Opinions Please
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ive got a ninco track. i knocked as much of the high spots of with a sanding block, then used an acrylic vynal silk matt. aplied with a sponge roller to get a flat smooth suface,and fill in all the little depressions. good idea, grip level has gone up and slides are controllable, without digging in and flippin. john
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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