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Track Pics

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Wrexham SCC

yes this is a shameless plug!

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First time on the net as far as I know.
NISCAR at Crawfordsburn, County Down.
This is the larger of my clubs two tracks - even on max wide angle I couldn't quite get it all in!
It's 26 feet X 15 feet (approx 8 metres x 4.5 metres)
Slightly bumpy SCX track, much of it 10 years old and some even older!
Track runs anti-clockwise.

It occurred to me that the wide angle shot gave a rather false impression of this track, making it look fast and easy.
Well, it IS fast but it certainly ain't easy!
Here is a trio of less obvious features that keep us on our toes.

Shown below is the hairpin at the left hand end of the back straight, right next to the door in the main pic. The door is just out of frame at bottom left of this pic.
This is a BUGGER because at something around 28 feet away, its hard to see exactly what is going on - take a peek back at the previous pic taken from the drivers stations and look towards the far left corner, than say it looks easy!

Shown below is the entry to the inner of the two straights, running away from the camera, towards the landmark door.
The squiggles are a pair of those horrendous, super-slippery Esses.
These are VILE and should be incinerated!
Follow the route away from the camera and you can just see where we meet a pair of squeeze tracks immediately after them!

Immediately after the slippery esses and the straight squeeze, we make a 180 left hander and run into this abomination! In the main pic, it is the extreme left 'straight', running towards the camera from the previously mentioned door.
As you can see - this is not a straight at all,
but a very nasty trap for the unwary speed crazed moron!!
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Hey there!

Nice track
Do you really use those old Scaley controllers for racing at the club though?


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I was hoping someone would notice that!
Yes, is the reluctant and very sad answer!
The history is that much of this track was donated by club members in the dim mists of time, along with a bunch of crappy controllers. As soon as anyone upgrades their home controllers, they immediately donate all their old crap to the club. Hence the club feels obliged to use them rather than hurt the member's feelings!
They are an old fashioned bunch and it's difficult to tilt the status quo.
"Well they are the same for everyone,"
is the bog standard response! True, of course.

Personally I would like to insert said controllers where the sun don't shine - they are appalling! No one scraps them until they are more or less worn out, is the problem. A proposal to burn the lot of them is close to emerging from my pursed lips, although the best way to deal with it would undoubtedly be for me to donate a pair of PMs and I haven't even got a pair of my own yet.
This could turn out to be an expensive suggestion on my part!
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Nice set up Scott!
Is there any chance you could give us the lowdown on your method of joining the routed sections to the Carrera? I think quite a lot of people might appreciate hints on how to do this. There is a lot to be said for expanding a smaller plastic setup with nice long modular routed sections. Photos would be brilliant, if possible.
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Just got done looking at your site...... Very nice track..... What is the guard rail system you are using???

As for me I run on a routed track... But have recently been trying the plastic tracks.. Sure is a different learning curve

But here is what I run on most of the time..... This is my first time trying to post a picture and I never seem to get it right

For those interested my web site is


Edit by Tropi - I hope I fixed your Starphoto link, Chris.
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Scott, what a good idea using MDF. You gave me an idea. Making turns with the outside lane moving closer to the inside.

nice track K9..

We are using curtain rail turned upside down!!!

Trop, I'd be willing to donate some eco's for nowt if you want?

That is a VERY generous offer and I thank you!
I hope the club is having a set to this coming weekend, when maybe we can discuss some of this newfangled modern electro gizmo stuff - anything's got to be better than a ten year old, shagged out, Scaley 70 ohm thingammyjig!
Well, here's mine. It was built last August in my new house's garage basement.

Still needs some more figures in the pit lane, wall decorations and a backdrop at the south end. Will do it over time. Other pictures with the link below in the sig.

75 feet long, equal lane length, 6 driver stations around the table, 7 kill switches (for crash'n'burn racing), central control for the lane switching (drivers stay at the same spot all night and different lanes are assigned to their controller from the control center), direction switching, optional brakes on all 6 driver stations, variable 0-30 volts/10 amps power supply.

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Pics from the club I race at Wellingborough (Tue and Thurs 8 till late) Routed with laps times in 10-13 secs.


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Oh, man. You boys are making me seriously jealous.

Where is that Wellingborough track housed? In a factory?
Yep - top floor of a factory rented out by the club. Lots of room for tinkering on a row of benches on the side. Need 8 really to make racing pleasurable otherwise marshalling is a pian (unless you've got ape arms!). At the mo get 10-14 on race night so it is damn good fun.

Here's mine...still waaayyy off from being finished!

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