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Track, Power Supply, Controllers

Hi all ...

First, I know, I know ... this is Cars forum. Having said that, I did post in Track & Scenery ... but thought might be prudent to post here as well.

I've posted in the recent past ... getting back into the hobby. Going through the requisite learning curve and such, so ...

Need some more advice:
1) Seems Carrera track comes close to my old 1/24th Revell in size. My old Revell banked stuff got warped while in storage, heat I guess.

Using Greenfield Hobby, Milwaukee, Mail Order North America, and Carrera Slot for pricing on decent sized 4/15 multi high-banked layout. Found Carrera Slot to be fairly competitive so far.

Are there any other sellers you would recommend for good pricing?

My main issue seems to be controllers and power packs. For me controllers are very important, I prefer thumb versus finger action, for example. Also, like graduated, linear feel. Not "on-off" action that some controllers provide.

2) Will be using scratch built cars with amp sucking motors in addition to present day Scalextric, Ninco, FLY, MG, and so forth types of 1/32 cars.

Therefore, the Carrera 18 volt, 600 miliamp [.6 amps] power supply won't cut it. Does anyone know of sellers of good 0 to 20 Volt, say 8-10 amp power packs, at reasonable prices?

3) Controllers, the standard Carrera controllers won't work for larger amp motors. As in the power supply ... does anyone know of good controllers at a fair price and which sellers that may be? I've looked at Prof Motor, for one and the controllers are pricey, or are they? Also the power packs seem to run from about $119 and up.

In conclusion ... I'm finding that the track, controllers, and power supply all added together is getting fairly expensive.

Therefore, as in the past requests for help ... help on the above will be most appreciated.

Thanking you in advance . . .


Alan Tadd
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Hi ONSG....

I've just got one of the Prof. Motor controllers and it really is excellent. A little pricey perhaps, but it is the only controller you will need for the different types of motor you will be running. See if you can borrow one to try, once you have you won't be satisfied with anything else.



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Yes track with high quality power supply and controllers will be expensive.

The Professor Motor controllers are very good and you not feel cheated out of your money. An adjustable power supply will cost you well over $100, probably close to $125. But once you have these item you will use them will every car yoou have!

Professor Motor (Andy) will be at the Chicago slot car swap meet. If you are close enough to go I recommend you should attend the slot car swap meet in Chicago this weekend and I think you'll get all of your questions answered.

Midwest Slot Car Show
Nov 14, 2004.
From 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Admission is $5.00.

For more info contact
[email protected]

Holiday Inn
US Route 30 & I-57
Matteson, IL
Phone - 1.847.515.7832

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BEEJAY7, RMMseven,

Appreciate the responses. Seems you both feel Prof Motor to be good & fair as far as controllers go. Seems they are source for power supplies as well.

Yep, this stuff is not inexpensive. I'm putting together a pretty decent layout with mostly 4/15 high-banked curves. Like the idea of 78 inch banked curves and so forth.

Anyone know how to get the new red and white stripped fencing? It is smooth plastic over an inch high. Will be more "friendly" to cars than the liquorice rope and post guardrail sold presently.

Thanks for the heads up ... Chicago Slot Car Show ... short notice but may be able to make it. Would be good for me for more orientation.

Again ... appreciate the replies . . .
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