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Looking at David's great slot car purpose built building, has made me start thinking again about my own proposed much more modest set-up.

I really am getting a little disillusioned with Scalextric Sport track, every time I set up a temporary layout I seem to spend a great deal of time just trying to get the track to run properly, the joints seem pretty uneven and slot width is variable to say the least.

I'm very keen to see Jon's set up at Phoenix using Ninco track, as everyone who uses it seems very pleased with it.

Is everyone else happy with Sport? maybe it's just the track I've got, but at the moment I am very reluctant to buy anymore.

I would like to use Carrera but it is just too wide for the space I have available. Perhaps I really should consider routing my own, but I'm no great carpenter so it would require a steep learning curve, any router virgins out there who have gone through this process?.

I think I will have to get Luf's video to check out how he creates his superb tracks.


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As dreinecke said you build what YOU want. We each have our own reason for building what we have.
I have half Scalextric Sport and half classic. Most tyres seem to work on this combination and I have gone back to no magnet so i don't find sport slippery.
A trick I use is to run the car for 5 or 10 laps stop and clean the tyres with a damp rag and repeat for a few cleaning cycles. It is surprising how much extra grip you can get after doing this. I can generally knock nearly a second off my 11 second lap times and it does not leave residue on the track or muck insice the wheel arches of the car.
My mate has Ninco and it was a matter of working out a tyre combination for his track. We have found Ninco has so much grip that the more powerful cars tend to deslot under acceleration. With the compounds of tyres Slotit now offer it was a matter of working out which tyres offer that bit of slip to stop the front end lifting when the back end hopped.
With regards to connections I found Sport to be a bit of a problem too but I have since added taps and a 25 amp power supply so no more problems. For the record my classic and my mates Ninco track have nothing like the connection problems. Both our layouts are over 20 metres.
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