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Looking at David's great slot car purpose built building, has made me start thinking again about my own proposed much more modest set-up.

I really am getting a little disillusioned with Scalextric Sport track, every time I set up a temporary layout I seem to spend a great deal of time just trying to get the track to run properly, the joints seem pretty uneven and slot width is variable to say the least.

I'm very keen to see Jon's set up at Phoenix using Ninco track, as everyone who uses it seems very pleased with it.

Is everyone else happy with Sport? maybe it's just the track I've got, but at the moment I am very reluctant to buy anymore.

I would like to use Carrera but it is just too wide for the space I have available. Perhaps I really should consider routing my own, but I'm no great carpenter so it would require a steep learning curve, any router virgins out there who have gone through this process?.

I think I will have to get Luf's video to check out how he creates his superb tracks.


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There is no grip on Sport track, full stop! There just isn`t a plexi track as good as Ninco and that is a fact. We`ve had ours up and running for three years and I simply cannot fault it.

The man to talk to about routed track is Jim at Slot Tech and he`ll have a stand at ours 28th. I believe that the Hamilton club are looking to sell a routed track? Could be a little late with that one though. Yves is building a new routed tracks and it`s a first time for him. It`s looks awesome and Yves ois here on SF as Tadman.
Ninco has superb grip. We run every class of car going and our senior night is completely non mag. Some sound points from Grah about residue etc, which is why we insist on running dry tyres, even so the rubbering up is gonna take place. My biggest heart ache with Sport? I built ten cuircuits for the telly and it added about six working hours to each day trying to get the connections sorted.
One major factor to consider I think is who will use it and for what? A home track can be looked after lovingly without the major multi use of a club circuit. My own very personal choice is that I want a track to resemble the real thing which is always going to add some thing to the racing. Any real track has some bump here or there and whilst I don`t think Phoenix is bumpy, we run Pro Slot GT 1 cars without weight added and they do not deslot (being extrememly light they would if it was bumpy) I know that a routed track like Pendle is superbly smooth. As always it`s a matter of personal choice. Nowadays there is a lot of choice and you can`t go wrong as long as you know what you want and what you want to do with it.
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Just to add that best racing of my life has been with Ninco classic cars. As a club we raced them on Scalex classic track, wooden routed at Oaklands and also on Ninco. The only modification we allowed was a motor swap,still low powered in using RX4`s. The tipping out was cured and we still retained all of the old style and correct speed for the closest racing I ever enjoyed.
Each to his own. Routed is fine if you know what you are doing. I like textured routed tracks but not smooth, it`s like ice skating not car racing. Never , not once had a problem with power on our ninco circuit. Whichever you choose enjoy it
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