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Track update

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Some updated pics of my track, I've fully braided 2 lanes, 95% completed the 3rd and 45% of the 4th. I ran out of braid twice, but Mobile Raceways supplied all I will need yesterday, so now just gotta find time to get it all done - then onto scenery!

To keep my 2 year old amused I set the power at 6 volts and lock the controller, I also powered 2 lanes with 1 controller, so most of these pics were taken while I had Porsche's and Scaley JGTC's running....enjoy

Through the squeeze, past pit entry and onto pit straight

Pit Entry

Looking back the other way

Pit exit

Up the hill

This is where I ran out of braid on the green lane

Coming down the hill/mountain

Looking back up from track surface

Double Left hander

This is where the braid runs out on the white lane, still gotta clean it up a bit

The big right hander before the squeeze

Into the squeeze

Still got a lot of work to do on the pits and finish braiding the 2 lanes, then onto scenery, just gotta stop the cars from getting on track
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That is huge. I hope you have lots of friends to come marshall for you. How many miles/kms is it?
I was looking just like the littel man on one of these!
Is that all the pics you have LOL

Looking very good mate.
Well. first let me say, another bloody drummer(!), cool. Track is awesome - has everything. Do I detect a little homage to Bathurst? Will it run both directions - looks fun in reverse too.

great work.
Yeah another drummer, although I have no room to set them up anymore
Yep I love Bathurst and it had a small influence on my building. At the moment it won't run backwards, but that doesn't mean I won't get to that
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quick update: all lanes are braided and fully operational, racing is awesome. I'll take some pics if I don't get too drunk today watching Motogp
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Track looks amazing!! It looks really fun to race on!!

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