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QUOTE it would prevent wheelspin
probably prevent wheel turn too, a bit like the busted pinion gears on Pro Slot cars (well 99% of them).

But - don't let that stop you experimenting!

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I was just thinking, if this was anywhere else, I'd provide a link for you to all look and laugh...

In all seriousness though, loosening the grub screw will will just mean that the axel will spin... forever. There is no inbetween ground, slip or not.

What might be an idea is some kind of spring which connects the contrate and axel. Have the contrate free spinning, so that on acceleration the contrate will spin until it reaches the point where it reaches resistance. It'll spin some more but turn the axel too, then.... oh screw it, get more grip or learn to drive better.


Grah1, Slot-tech, rr3.9, James - Junior Racer and myself will find this thread mildly amusing, whereas poor old Intergrali won't

Basically, you will end up having the grub screw work lose and loose all bite on the axle, then the tyre will jam on the chassis as the axle moves across.
You could call it one step forwards and a long roll back.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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