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Trading standards

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Maybe I'm old fashioned but I'm saddened to see members of this forum trying to sell Carrera cars etc. from the Argos offer at greatly inflated prices.

I accept that what they are doing is not illegal but I believe it is immoral.

The only people who are likely to go for these "offers" will be new to the forum if not the hobby and I thought that one of the main purposes of the forum is to promote slot racing. Personally, I don't think the moderators should allow such adverts.

Am I wrong?

Rant over.

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Well, yet another diff of opinion! I think it's fine to sell parts of the cheap Argos sets on - the prices asked aren't grossly inflated
hear me out please.

Anyone who comes to SlotForum, even if they are a newbie will have seen the various threads stating the prices that the LeMans sets were bought for i.e. £17.99 or even £29.99. If a newbie decides they want a Bentley or an Audi, then they should have already done a bit of research, either by looking at prices in their local shops for the cars or even accessing prices over the net which is a piece of piss these days. They will have noticed that the usual price for a Carrera car, new (ok it comes in a big plastic box with a pair of spare braids woohoo) is £25.00.
So no worries there then. I haven't bought any Carrera track myself so haven't bothered checking prices, but judging by comments made on here and actually talking to ppl then the track prices aren't inflated either.

Yes I admit, that seeing someone buying 40 sets at once, shocked me initially (in fact I agreed with a comment about vultures at the time), but as can be seen mmore is hardly ripping ppl off with the prices quoted.

So take this to it's extreme then: What about the Porsche 908/2 which Aaron so graciously sent me as a free gift? It cost me nothing to obtain it. Assuming that I'd never taken it out of it's box then what price should I ask?

NOTE: I HAVE taken it out of it's box, tweaked it (it's a FLY model!) and hooned it around a track thus snapping it's rear view mirror in the process of pushing the envelope. I will not be selling the car at any price, unless it becomes part of a job lot if I ever decide that slot racing is not for me.

Yours, putting the A-10 Thunderbolt among a brigade of tanks,
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