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Trading standards

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Maybe I'm old fashioned but I'm saddened to see members of this forum trying to sell Carrera cars etc. from the Argos offer at greatly inflated prices.

I accept that what they are doing is not illegal but I believe it is immoral.

The only people who are likely to go for these "offers" will be new to the forum if not the hobby and I thought that one of the main purposes of the forum is to promote slot racing. Personally, I don't think the moderators should allow such adverts.

Am I wrong?

Rant over.

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A posted declaration of investing time and money in sourcing large numbers of goods, with the specific intention of selling them at a profit is, of course, absolutely legitimate in itself.
But also, beyond any reasonable doubt, it does then define that person as a dealer.
It's a slightly awkward subject and will be discussed in Admin.
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