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Trading standards

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Maybe I'm old fashioned but I'm saddened to see members of this forum trying to sell Carrera cars etc. from the Argos offer at greatly inflated prices.

I accept that what they are doing is not illegal but I believe it is immoral.

The only people who are likely to go for these "offers" will be new to the forum if not the hobby and I thought that one of the main purposes of the forum is to promote slot racing. Personally, I don't think the moderators should allow such adverts.

Am I wrong?

Rant over.

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QUOTE Any one who buys these Argos kit items are getting a real bargain

But not as much of a bargin as they might have got buying then from Argos.

You are free to drive around buying up sets as you did, but maybe in doing so you prevented another 40 odd people getting the set at that low price.

Then there is the fact you were alerted to the deal by SlotForum members sharing the good news so it seems extra mean spirited to then try to make a quick buck out of those self same people.

It's a timing issue: Had you wanted to sell a few ten year-old cars I doubt anybody would have raised an eyebrow, they might even have welcomed the opportunity to get an otherwise unavailable "classic" at way above the original price. As Hamlet might have said,

Thrift, thrift, vfr750! The discounted Carreras
Did coldly furnish forth the aution tables.


p.s. Swiss shut down the other thread on this so may well do the same here. perhaps I should. My feeling is you should punt them on eBay, not least as there is a much bigger, less knowledgable audience.
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