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Trans - Am - 19th October 2018

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Trans - Am - 19th October 2018

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Race Report:-

Before i start my rundown of the results i would to say that somehow the photo's of the 3 top cars have got a little mixed up, the winning car (Dave ) is the yellow Camaro in the middle the second place car is the red Camaro Z28 (Sandy) on the left and it was also the third placed car (Brian) the white Mustang was Robbies (4th). (memo to self don't lend Sandy any more cars). After a long overdue track clean there were 10 of us to race Scalex Trans Am, in the "C" final was Rich, Ralph and Josh making a welcome return to racing, it has to be said that there was much nerfing, knocking off and swapping of paint but at the end of the 1st segment it was Rich leading Ralph and Josh , in the 2nd segment Ralph took the lead from Rich and Josh who was struggling with his car and that's how it finished. In the "B" final was Brian, Ian and Steve and although there was some close racing at times it did not have the excitement of the 1st final, Brian went into the lead from the start followed by Steve and Ian and that's how it stayed. In the "A" final was Dave, Robbie, Sandy and Sue, it was Was Sue who went into the lead until Dave very slowly caught her to take the lead at the end of the 1st segment, Sandy had also got past but it took Robbie until the 4th segment to catch and pass her, in the end it was Dave 1st, Sandy 2nd, Robbie 3rd and Super sue 4th. Driver of the night has got to be Sue as she never stops surprising us all and the top three were Dave, Sandy and Brian. It was also decided to drop this category from the race calendar at the end of the year. And finally i would like to thank Ian for giving us all a fully painted for each individual one of his new Merc DTM bodies

Thank Sandy xx


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