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Hi All

Please find attached the results for Trans-Am/Tintops

27858633_10157951071386515_4104807182417990816_n.jpg 27972098_10157951071391515_8231604815831817213_n.jpg 28276912_10157951071396515_2589253312106652649_n.jpg

Results Page:-

I t was a quiet night for racing Trans Am/ Tintops as only 5 turned up to race. In the "B" final was Steve and Sue and Sue ditched her Ford Escort (with lights) to race a new Camaro, Steve took the lead but it was obvious that Sue was struggling to get the hang of her new car and Steve pulled steadily away and on to victory, so it was Steve 1st and Sue 2nd. In the "A" final was Brian, Dave and Robbie. It was obvious from the start that there was not much in it with the cars and the one that stayed on the most was the one who was going to win, Dave was the 1st to do the honour's and come off followed not long after by Robbie which allowed Brian to take the lead and very slowly (VERY VERY slowly) pull away and on to victory, meanwhile Dave and Robbie were trading paint work and generally fender bending in equal measures until the end , so the result was Brian 1st, Dave 2nd and Robbie 3rd. Driver of the night, well no one really stood out this week so i will award it to all 5 for turning up. Top 3 were Brian, Dave and Robbie.

See all soon Sandy x


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