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Trials & Tribulations of Chip Repairs & Upgrades

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An F1 DPR chip arrived on my doorstep to be fixed. It looked perfectly OK but would not run when connected to a chassis and tested on a powerbase. After a check of the components, I found that three of the four diodes were not working at all so I replaced them with 1A Schottkys .........


All still looking OK ....... time to test my handy work .......


Reassembled back onto the testbed, I pulled the throttle back and woomph!
... very bright flames & tons of acrid smoke.

As you can see, the dual MOSFETs, top left, has decided to expire. It is a dual MOSFET bereft of any magical smoke, it is an ex-MOSFET.
I wonder if Farnell can help me out in the morning? ......
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So what goes on theses chips when u have short in the motor? have at least 5 chips that dont work because it took me two trys before I found that the motor was bad or the wire was touching the metal part of the motor. two dprs, two salons and a slot it 15 chip. nothing sucks more than pulingl a new chip out the package. installing in the car and poof nothing
. waiting to hear back from gmyers2442 to see if he still repairing chips.
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stock yellow can in the slot it. my fault on that one, had both the leads touching. the others all stock 1800rpm scaly motors. no smoke just a little stutter if that and nothing.
I really need to box my blown chips up and send them in wat do you think the going rate for shipping would be from washington state to your location?
ok I have more than a couple. let me round them up and give you a good count. pm will be coming your way shortly
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