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Trials & Tribulations of Chip Repairs & Upgrades

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An F1 DPR chip arrived on my doorstep to be fixed. It looked perfectly OK but would not run when connected to a chassis and tested on a powerbase. After a check of the components, I found that three of the four diodes were not working at all so I replaced them with 1A Schottkys .........


All still looking OK ....... time to test my handy work .......


Reassembled back onto the testbed, I pulled the throttle back and woomph!
... very bright flames & tons of acrid smoke.

As you can see, the dual MOSFETs, top left, has decided to expire. It is a dual MOSFET bereft of any magical smoke, it is an ex-MOSFET.
I wonder if Farnell can help me out in the morning? ......
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Hi Greg.
Looks good. What I find to clean up solder pads and pin holes and compressed air. Get the solder hot then blast. Works really well. I have a tiny battery powered soldering iron with a super small sharp tip. Oh and the magnifying glass of course.

The LED is not consistent in height off the board most probably during assembly as they are most likely hand soldered.
1 - 2 of 348 Posts